Order your benchtop

1. Use our benchtop estimator to give you a price for your benchtop. You should have entered the size, thickness and colour. The depth of a benchtop for the cook top is usually 640 mm, the depth of a sink bench is 610 mm and the depth of an island or breakfast bar is 935 mm. If you have requirements for different sizes use the on-line estimator to give you an approximate price then email us your exact sizes for a quote.

Make allowances for benchtop to overhang the front of the cabinet doors and panels unless the benchtop will butt up to a tall panel or wall. Typically a 25 mm overhang on the front and 10 mm over an end panel. For a breakfast bar, a 300 mm will allow a person to sit up on bar stool and put their knees under the bench. 300 mm is the maximum you should allow for an unsupported portion of benchtop.

2. Fill in the inquiry form and send it to us. This will enable us to check your benchtop plan and contact you to answer any questions or provide suggestions. We can also give you a quote for measuring and installation should you require those options.

3. We will then ask you for specific sizes of hob and sink cut outs and tap holes. We can help you to find this information. Remember we can supply your appliances at very competitive prices.

4. When you have accepted our quote for the bench top and any other services we will email you an invoice with payment instructions. Payment can be made by credit/debit card or bank transfer.

5. Once payment has been made you will be able to collect your bench top or we will deliver and install it if you have chosen that option.

Minimum order amount is $1,500.00. Please contact us to place your order.