Design your kitchen

1. Measuring the kitchen space.

This is the first thing that you need to do. Remember that the success of your kitchen installation is dependent on getting the room measurements correct. Don’t be concerned about the location of the existing cabinets. It is important to measure the location of your plumbing and sink waste assuming the new sink is going back into the same location. Measure the outside of the door and window architraves.

2. Designing the kitchen layout.

You have two choices when it comes to laying out your kitchen. You can search the internet to find free software for Kitchen design or use the more traditional method of laying out cabinet shapes on to graph paper.

3. How to layout your cabinets to give a practical working kitchen.

The ultimate success of how your kitchen looks and operates is dependent on how your cabinets are placed into the room. Sometimes when you look at a room it is very obvious that there is only one way to lay out the cabinets. Other rooms lend themselves to a couple of different layouts. What you should be aiming to achieve is a work triangle that places your cooking, food storage, food preparation and sink areas to create an efficient way to work in this space.

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