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Frequently Asked Questions Benchtops

Incredible Bench Tops use efficient stone equipment to process the stone. We also bulk purchase our standard colours of stone and work on low margins.

We would be happy to provide you with just a bench top. Our on-line calculator will give you instant pricing. Why not compare the pricing and quality of our cabinets.

We are happy to replace bench tops on existing kitchens. You can get a price of stone from our on-line calculator. Fill out our enquiry form for prices to remove and install your bench top.

The price of delivery and installation varies depending on what suburb you live in and the access to your kitchen area. A measure, delivery and installation typically starts at $600. If you fill in the drop-down enquiry form we will contact you with installation pricing.

It depends on the size and thickness. Bench tops large enough to suit the average size kitchen start at around $1500 ex-factory.

A typical Incredible Kitchen with Melamine cabinets and Engineered Stone benchtop costs between $5000 – $7000 ex- factory.

The size of the kitchen and choice of cabinets determines the price. For example, adding our German made corners mechanisms to a large kitchen puts you at the top end in terms of cabinet and bench top pricing.

This depends on your skill and the shape of the bench top. The two pieces of stone for a galley style kitchen are relatively easy to install as they have no joins. An L or U-shaped design is more difficult to fit with joins. We do have many builders and DIYers successfully fit their own tops. Send us an enquiry and we are happy to give you advice.

Engineered stone is a manufactured stone product that is fabricated from 93% to 95% quartz stone mixed with colours and resin to bind the stone together.

Engineered stone has less colour variation and is less porous than granite.

No,the resin involved in the manufacturing process is evenly mixed through the stone to permanently seal it. We provide cleaning and maintenance instructions with each bench top.

Your warranty does not cover placing hot pots and pans directly on to the bench top.

While chips and cracks are not common they can often be repaired. We can connect you with professional stone repairers.

Silestone which is manufactured in Spain is one of the original manufacturers of engineered stone. They have an international reputation and offer a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty provided that the bench top is fitted by an authorized installer.

Many of our tops are sold to customers outside Auckland. Send us an enquiry or phone to discuss the best way to handle pickup or delivery.

Yes you can visit our kitchen and stone showroom:

20 Lady Ruby Drive

East Tamaki

Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 9.30 am to 5 pm.

Saturday 9 am to 2pm

Minimum order amount is $1,500.00. Please contact us to place your order.